Do Not Call List Registry Check 3.5

A new version of Do Not Call List Registry Check has been released. The DNC engine has been revamped to improve import performance and scrub performance. The Excel 2007 is also now supported in addition to Excel, CSV and Access.

New Web Design

Double-Time Software has changed its look for 2008. Please let us know of what what you think about our new look.

Double-Time List Splitter Has Been Discontinued

Due to low demand for List Splitter, we are pulling it from the market so that we can concentrate on our more popular products.

Xtensible Web Solutions Is Born

Xtensible Web Solutions is a new web consulting group owned in part by the founder of Double-Time Software, Giovanni Galbo. Xtensible's focus is on building good looking, high quality, scalable web applications. Please inquire about our services by visiting our contact page.